A letter from Martha

Dear Friends,

In the wake of a year with such upheaval and global hardship, your support has never been more important. Your generosity makes a life-saving difference for people in crisis all over the world. With your help, we are working to triple the impact of our work to meet these needs.

Last year, you helped Medical Teams International work on the front lines of some of the most volatile conflicts on our planet. Our staff provided medical care to people displaced by conflict in northern Ethiopia. Volunteers showed up in Moldova to treat Ukrainians crossing the border. In Colombia, we cared for Venezuelan migrants escaping violence and insecurity.

At home in the U.S., we continued to fight COVID-19 by providing testing and vaccinations to people who lacked access. Through partnerships with some of the largest health systems in the Pacific Northwest, our mobile health clinics provided dental and medical care to seasonal farm workers, seniors, and people experiencing houselessness.

The number of people who are hurting in our world can feel overwhelming. And yet, we must remember that every one of those people is made in the image of God. Every person deserves the chance for health and wholeness.

In the face of overwhelming suffering, I have witnessed an outpouring of love in action. I see people like you who have chosen to step forward and care for your brothers and sisters who are hurting. In this annual report, you will read the incredible stories of just a few of the people whose lives were changed because of this community.

As I think of this last year, I reflect on the promises of God’s goodness and provision in Psalm 121. After so many natural and manmade crises, I am reminded that, “He will not let your foot slip — he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over will neither slumber nor sleep” (v. 3-4). I believe that God shows his love and protection through compassionate hearts like yours. You are a part of our team, and you are one of the reasons I know he is in every detail of our work. Thank you for your loving support. It allows us to go where we’re needed most. Together, we are a powerful force for love and change!


Martha Holley Newsome
President and CEO

Rising to the challenge

We address needs that are growing more severe every day. We are facing the largest refugee crisis the world has ever known. Sudden disasters like earthquakes and typhoons, along with emergencies like famine, continue to threaten communities. And here in the United States, many people cannot access or afford basic dental and medical care critical to their overall health.

With over 40 years of experience caring for people in crisis, Medical Teams is uniquely poised to rise to these challenges. With your help, we are matching our greatest strength — providing loving and life-saving medical care — with some of the world’s greatest needs.

Together with compassionate people like you, we are able to do this life-changing work.

Jana Čavojská

Triple our ability to respond to sudden emergencies

Cyclones, famine, war, and other crises unleash chaos that leaves people suffering. Our team continually monitors emerging global disasters and is prepared to respond.

We go where people urgently need medical care and our resources. Alongside our partners, last year we responded to crises like the crisis in Ukraine and Hurricane Ian with life-saving care.

No matter the scale of the disaster, our volunteers and staff acted as the hands and feet of Jesus, treating each person with love.

Image credit: Jana Čavojská

staff and volunteers deployed for Ukraine response

Moldovan border officials and partners trained in mental health support

worth of medicines and supplies shipped to help more than 757,000 people

Triple the number of displaced people we serve

Imagine being torn from your home, knowing you may never return. Picture watching as your loved ones are captured or killed. These are the devastating stories of millions of displaced people.

Because there are more people with experiences like this than ever before, we’re working to triple the number of displaced people we serve around the world.

Our staff provides loving care to the people who come to us by treating injuries and common illnesses. We prevent diseases like malaria and cholera from spreading. We focus on women and children, and we train refugees to share critical health messages with their neighbors.

births attended by trained health workers

emergency C-sections provided for mothers and babies

refugee volunteers empowered to care for the health of their neighbors

Deliver medical and dental care to triple the number of our U.S. neighbors in crisis

For over 30 years, Medical Teams has provided free dental care through a fleet of mobile clinics that travels throughout the Pacific Northwest. We seek out people with unmet health needs who have been pushed to the margins, from rural farms to inner cities.

The demand for dental care brings many people to our mobile health clinics’ door, but the people we serve often lack access to other basic services. Our patients struggle with issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental health concerns.

Through mobile health clinics — a program called Care & Connect Mobile Health — we go to the people with the greatest need.

worth of dental, medical, and COVID-19 services provided

patients served in the Pacific Northwest

volunteers staffed 1,571 clinics, equivalent to saving $547,297 in staffing costs

Stories from around the world

Our strategy of tripling our work in three areas explains how we do what we do. But equally important is why we do it.

We exist to love and serve people. We see God’s face in every person we meet. We believe that every person deserves the chance for health and wholeness.

Loving people who are hurting is our reason for being. Here are stories of real people whose lives you profoundly impacted through your generosity.



Penda and her family fled to Tanzania after soldiers came looking for her husband late one night in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“It was only by God’s grace that my husband was not in the house when they came to locate him,” says Penda. Instead, the soldiers took Penda and her 4-month-old baby.

When her husband returned and realized his wife and baby had been kidnapped, he worried they would come back for his other five children. So he took his



Without medicine and the comforts of home, even basic illnesses are more difficult as a refugee. When Eugenia, a mother from Ukraine, was feeling sick, your generosity provided loving care that gave her relief.

Eugenia had only been in Moldova three days when she walked into the Medical Teams clinic. Despite feeling sick, she had a bright smile and a friendly greeting for the volunteer doctor and nurse.

A virus was spreading in the accommodation center where she was


United States

For Aileen, family is everything. “At the end of the day, we’re all we got. We have no other family besides us here.”

Thirteen years ago, Aileen’s mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. After surviving drastic brain surgery and a coma, her mom’s cancer was finally gone. Aileen’s family was relieved and able to enjoy life again with their mom.

Then, in the fall of 2021, doctors found her tumor had grown again. The cancer was terminal. Aileen and her younger brother didn’t want to send her to a home for care so they took nursing classes to keep their family together and take care of their mom. A few months later, Aileen’s mom died at home from cardiac arrest.

Aileen’s 18-year-old brother went to work to support the family,

Pat Reser

  A heart for helping

When Pat Reser’s husband passed away in 2010, she knew she wanted to dedicate the rest of her life to giving back. She contacted a friend who worked at Medical Teams and asked if there was something she could do to help. Her friend invited her on a trip to Guatemala to help install stoves, and that was when she fell in love with the mission of Medical Teams.

“I was in my 70s. I didn’t have a medical background, but I had executive skills and was strong and healthy. So, I went to Guatemala with a group of people that I’d never met before, and it was exciting for me,” she says.

Where we worked in 2022

Obedi lives with bipolar disorder. Before getting help, he wasn’t able to care for his family. Now, thanks to medicine and monthly visits with a Medical Teams psychologist, Obedi is present for his family and feels he can live a normal life.

Corporate and
foundation partners

We are grateful to our corporate and foundation partners who bring their tools and resources to the aid of people around the world. Engaging their staff and utilizing their expertise, they advance the mission of Medical Teams International in invaluable ways.

Corporate Partners

Foundation Partners

Ben B. Cheney Foundation

BridgeHead Foundation

Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound

Evangelical Covenant Church

First Fruit, Inc.

Gratis Foundation

Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of the Oregon Community Foundation

Kind Heart Free Spirit Foundation

Konzen Family Foundation

Marie Lamfrom
Charitable Foundation

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

MJ Murdock Charitable Trust

Sanders Family Foundation

Seattle-King County Dental Foundation

Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation

Stewardship Foundation

The Anderson Family Foundation

The Clark Foundation

The Cloud Family Foundation Fund

The Norcliffe Foundation

The Oregon Community Foundation

The Reser Family Foundation

The Roma Foundation

The Swigert (ESCO) Foundation

The Wasily Family Foundation

William G. Gilmore Foundation

Formin, 22, is a Rohingya refugee living in Bangladesh. After experiencing a complicated pregnancy, Formin gave birth to a healthy baby with the help of Medical Teams health workers.


When you give to Medical Teams, every dollar is maximized to have the greatest possible impact for people who are suffering, both in the United States and abroad. Your generosity enables us to quickly mobilize medical supplies, staff, and volunteers to places where the need is great. Thank you for your support.

Medical Teams International strives for financial liquidity and reserves to operate in a way which is prudent yet challenges us to serve as many in need as possible. We are blessed by donors like you who allow us to own a medical distribution center outright and increase our impact every year.

2022 Sources of Cash Income

Operating Revenue2022
Private cash contributions$20,636,976
Public Grants$26,402,525
Gifts in Kind$20,052,039
Other income($807,293)
Operating Expenses2022
International programs$53,925,513
Domestic programs$6,696,948
General and administration$4,612,284
Fundraising and communications$6,318,135
Liabilities and Net Assets2022
Unrestricted net assets$27,462,924.00
Restricted net assets$7,702,229.00
of mobile clinic costs covered by partner organizations, creating a more sustainable business model
people have health care because of your compassionate support
Eisaac and his parents are migrants from Venezuela, living in Colombia. They receive ongoing support from a community health worker trained by Medical Teams.

Your gifts make an impact

In daring to love like Jesus, we are committed to serving the sick, the suffering, the forgotten. We do this, in part, by leveraging our resources to reach as many people in crisis as possible. Equipping clinics, empowering communities, healing people — these things are only possible through your boundless generosity. Thank you.

To ensure accountability for your contributions, Medical Teams International is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability.

This report is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of Medical Teams International and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

Martha Holley Newsome President & CEO

Jon Beighle
Vice President,
Global Services

Roger Sandberg
Vice President,
Field Operations

Cindy Breilh
Executive Director,
U.S. Programs

Mike Hogan
Vice President,
Marketing & Development

Sam Wehbe
Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Finance

J. Michael Goodwin

Geoff Guilfoy
Vice Chair

Ryan McAninch

Barbara McDougall

Dr. Nathalie Johnson

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John Phillips

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