people have been helped because of your compassionate support

A Letter From Martha

Dear friends,

By now, you’ve likely heard the news – after much prayer and reflection, I’ve decided to leave Medical Teams. I’m so grateful for the time I’ve spent working alongside all of you to help heal our hurting world. I know too that it’s the right time for a new leader to step in and continue our life-saving work. 

The world needs Medical Teams now more than ever. Even as our teams worked courageously to meet the critical health needs of our brothers and sisters, collectively we still bore witness to so much pain.

But what brought me hope this past year were extraordinary acts of generosity and love from people like you.  

As I reflect on 2023, this is what I’m focusing on – the transformative power of this exceptional community. You’ll read more in the pages of this annual report about what we’ve accomplished this year together, but I want to highlight a few here.

Over the last 12 months, you helped thousands of mothers give birth safely to more than 39,000 healthy babies. In response to war and disease outbreaks in Sudan and Ethiopia, your generosity meant we could quickly expand our services on the frontlines. You trained more than 2,000 community health workers around the world to help care for their neighbors. And that’s just the beginning of your impact!  

Together, we’ve done incredible work to transform our hurting world into one that’s healing.

There’s a passage of scripture that I return to when I consider how we should bring life-saving medical care to people facing crisis. Corinthians 16:14 says, “Let all that you do be done in love.” To me, that’s the perfect encapsulation of the way this community cares for our neighbors around the world.

When you give of your time, money, and prayers to Medical Teams, you’re participating in a radical act of loving transformation. None of us can know what the coming year will hold. But if last year is any indication, I have great faith in the power this community has to impact the lives of people around the world.

With gratitude, 

Martha Holley Newsome
President and CEO


Transforming Lives With Health Care

At Medical Teams, we believe that the first step toward restoring hope for our brothers and sisters around the world is getting them access to health care. When disasters strike or people are forced from home by violence, we’re quick to respond with life-saving medical care. But we don’t stop there – we listen, comfort, and love the people we see in our clinics. Being cared for as a whole person is a transformative experience. 

Together, with donors like you, we’ve transformed lives through loving, life-saving medical care.

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We helped more than 4.7 million people last year in 27 countries.
We helped mothers safely deliver more than 39,000 babies and performed more than 7,400 emergency C-sections for mothers.
We provided more than $3.4 million in dental and medical care services in the Pacific Northwest.
We stocked more than 200 clinics’ shelves around the world.
We reached 620,000 people with donated medical supplies.

Stories of Transformation

While statistics are good for the head, stories are good for the heart. When you meet these women – Naylin, Natalia, Stella, Sydney, and Phyllis – you’ll feel the way lives have been transformed by your generosity and partnership with Medical Teams.



“I made the choice for my children.”


United States

“I never knew there was something like this…I’m so grateful.”

Stella and Angella


“I would like my child to become a nurse when she grows up to help sick people by treating them like Medical Teams does.”


United States

“From the beginning of the first trip, Medical Teams empowered me.”

Where You Helped in 2023

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Healthy Women, Healthy World members champion the health of women and children around the world.

“We are a community of women helping other women, and that brings a lot of joy in my life. It also brings a lot of completeness…even though we’re sitting in our homes, we can help someone else somewhere around the world.” – Kristi York, Healthy Women, Healthy World member

Raised more than $130,000 to increase access to health care for women and children around the world.

Hosted webinars for more than 1,500 viewers on gender-based violence and engaged supporters through inspirational quarterly book club meetings.

Brought 41 volunteers together to assemble and donate 500 hygiene kits for unhoused families in Portland.

Abeba Girmaw, one of our midwives in Ethiopia, attends to a pregnant mother at a Medical Teams clinic.


When you give to Medical Teams, your gift goes to work – we maximize your dollar to have the greatest impact, transforming lives both at home and abroad. Your generosity enables us to help our brothers and sisters who are hurting with life-saving medical care and medical supplies. Thank you for your support! 

Medical Teams International strives for financial liquidity and reserves, allowing us to challenge ourselves to serve as many people as possible while remaining financially prudent. We are blessed by donors like you who allow us to own a medical distribution center outright and increase our impact every year.

Operating Revenue2023
Private cash contributions$12,552,256
Public grants$30,109,249
Gifts in Kind$26,231,198
Other income$2,708,694
Total Operating Revenue$71,601,397
Operating Expenses2023
Total Expenses $80,215,930
Liabilities and Net Assets2023
Net Assets$26,550,620
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$31,819,062

Medical Teams International invested heavily in program growth in 2023 as we responded to urgent needs. We made strategic decisions to care for people affected by war in Ukraine and Sudan with unrestricted funds, which coincided with our multi-year fundraising campaign coming to an end. This led to an increase in spending greater than our expectations. In 2024, we are committed to balancing our revenue and expenses while continuing to provide loving, life-saving medical care for people facing crisis around the world.

Please note that these numbers are still being finalized. We are undergoing a standard annual audit right now, and will update these numbers once the audit is complete.

One of our staff members caring for patients in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement looks through a stethoscope in our onsite laboratory.

Corporate and
Foundation Partners

We are grateful to our corporate and foundation partners who bring their expertise, resources, and staff to the aid of people around the world. Their dedication and compassion advances the work of Medical Teams International in critical ways.  

Corporate partners

Foundation partners

Ben B. Cheney Foundation

BridgeHead Foundation

Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound

Evangelical Covenant Church

First Fruit, Inc.

Gratis Foundation

Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of the Oregon Community Foundation

Marie Lamfrom
Charitable Foundation

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

Sanders Family Foundation

Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation

Stewardship Foundation

The Clark Foundation

The Norcliffe Foundation

The Oregon Community Foundation

The Reser Family Foundation

The Swigert (ESCO) Foundation

Verdant Health Commission

Vocational Development Foundation

William G. Gilmore Foundation

Keith Watts, a retired veteran, came to Care & Connect Mobile Health for help with a painful tooth. After seeing the dentist, he said, “Please tell everyone involved in this, ‘thank you so much.’”

Your Gifts Transform Lives

As we dare to love like Jesus, we’re committed to caring for our neighbors around the world who would otherwise be left behind. We do this, in part, by leveraging our resources responsibly and effectively to help as many people as possible. By equipping clinics, healing patients, and empowering communities we’re transforming our hurting world. 

Thank you for partnering with us to care for our brothers and sisters. Your boundless generosity and faith are the fuel for our work!

To ensure accountability for your contributions, Medical Teams International is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. 

This report is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of Medical Teams International and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

Martha Holley Newsome President & CEO
(Jan 2024)

Jon Beighle
Vice President,
Global Services
(Feb 2024)

Cindy Breilh
Executive Director,
U.S. Programs

Mike Hogan
Vice President,
Marketing & Development
(Jan 2024)

Sam Wehbe
Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Finance

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